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6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 4 weeks ago #117 by Buildingdoc
Buildingdoc created the topic: HIPERFIRE 24E TRIGGER REVIEW
Hiperfire 24E trigger is an adjustable trigger system that allows the user to modify trigger pull weight to 3 different weights. My initial perception of the trigger parts a little overwhelming. Lots of little parts over the milspec standard part and I've got fat fingers. The design uses spring pressure to fight the trigger pull for dictating trigger pull pressure. This constant pressure allows for really fast reset as well as minimal creep.

I found installation to be tedious and tested my patience the first time. Holding both springs on the rod while simultaneously installing the top locking cam was pretty difficult. But after I realized I wanted to install the lightest trigger springs it wasn't as bad the 2nd time.

I finally got some time to get some recoil therapy. This trigger being my first outside of a milspec trigger, I was very cautious on my first few shots. My first 5 shots surprised me, even though I was looking for some creep but couldn't find it. The break on it is superb. I would equate it to a button.

The reset is something I was not prepared for. When slower preside shooting I typically squeeze and hold. Upon release you dont get that familiar "clunk" when the trigger resets. This is a click and travel distance is right there for the reset. Like a toggle switch. Its a really great feature that I didn't expect.

Depending on your rifle and your trigger finger speed... you can get some really quick accurate shots off. Unloading 10 shots rapidly, I could still hit a 12x12 target at 100 yds with all ten.

Overall I couldn't be happier with this enhanced trigger.

Retail is about $215.00

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