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michael created the topic: Some of my favorite knives
Like many gun owners, I love knives. As a kid growing up in the 80's, it was possible to buy knives (I'm not sure kids today can buy knives like I could as a kid). I never lost the love of blades. Knives, swords, axes, spears - I love 'em all.

Listed here are some of my favorites, with links to pick up one for yourself.

I'm a big fan of Boker. After an "incident" with my Boker Speedlock that I'm surprised didn't result in a hospital visit, I switched from the Speedlock to the Kalashnikov. I'll explain the issue - the Kalashnikov pocket clip is on the opposite end. I have on several occasions bumped the Speedlock and ended up with a bare blade sticking up out of my pocket. Slicing my hand open ONCE was enough.

My #1 carry knife is the Boker Kalashnikov - non-serrated model.

Formerly #1 - the Boker Speedlock II (currently unavailable), but you can still make one by converting a Boker Top Lock II

I rarely have just one knife on me. I will usually have at least two, but most often will have 4 or more.

This one is new to me, but has quickly become one of my favorites. Until I saw this blade, I felt CRKT knives were very mechanical/utilitarian blades. No-nonsense, but also very little personality. Then I saw the Fossil. I fell in love immediately! This knife feels so good in my hand, and it's practically a work of art. So much so that I wrote to the designer to thank him for changing my perception of CRKT.

The CRKT Fossil 5470

Always in my wallet is a CardSharp 2. I bought a dozen, gave some as gifts, and kept a few back for myself. It's always good to have a sharp knife. This one never gets used, so it's as razor sharp as the day I received it.

If I have the ability to conceal it, I carry a CRKT A.B.C. The only fixed blade I like for EDC, this is a no-nonsense knife. Sadly, this model has been discontinued. Pick one up if you can.

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