I recently had the chance to try out the new Airborne Arms Geronimo Trigger at the CalGuns Super Secret Zombie Shoot. It was recently released to distributors and I expect to see more traffic on it this summer.

Like most, when I received parts in the mail, I tore it open like Christmas morning. Packaging was well done. It appeared to look like a normal Milspec trigger kit on the surface.How is this very different to a MilSpec trigger (besides the antiwalk pins and JP spring set)! But like most triggers, its about feel. So I begrudgingly began to remove my very-difficult-to-install Hiperfire to make room for my new bang switch.

Install is a bit different than a normal gritty basic trigger but no more difficult. All necessary tools and instructions were included. My only advice for installation is to follow the instructions as there is one very important step to follow for installation that requires you to be able to manipulate the safety into the "full auto/burst" position. I did it twice to acclimate myself to it as I expected to swap hammer springs during testing. I ended up using the heavy spring as I was goinng to be testing some Tula (save it... Ill get a new barrel)

I couldnt resist dry-firing a few (4 dozen) trigger pulls. Pull was short, crisp, and easy. Coming off a Hiperfire (which I am accustomed to) I was very surprised with the Geronimo. The break needs a little learning (like most new triggers) but came naturally. Reset was a touch better than (IMO) than the Hiperfire.

So arriving to the range, I couldnt wait to get some trigger time on the new toy. What to do first? Rapid fire out of the box. Fire one at a time and break it in easy? Screw it. I let it loose. Dropped in my "Crown Approved" 10 rounder and rapid fired until it was empty and reloaded as fast as I could (basically 15 seconds later) and dropped 10 more. Then again.

Operation was flawless. The guys next to me stopped firing just to stare as I fired at no specific target. I was concentrating on the feel of the trigger. Pull was fluid. Reset felt instant. Rinse and repeat. Felt like a keystroke with tactile feedback.

This is, by all means, a shooters trigger. This isn't the one you hand off to the new shooter. This is for the shot you need now. To drop the hammer with a 3lb touch, ensures that round leaves the barrel before I screw up the shot. And to reset quick when I miss. This is a performance part for a performance shot. I will need to step it up.

Well to test that I dropped the bipod and went prone. 400yds was the distance. Hit 8/10 in under 60 seconds. Stupid wind.

The Geronimo does what it says it will do... and then some.

I am not a huge fan of flat triggers (personal preference), but all is not lost. Airborne Arms expects to release different trigger bows to cater to whiners like myself.

Overall, you cant beat this trigger for its price. Under $200 with optimal performance and upcoming customization of the trigger bow.

Airborne Arms Geronimo Trigger MSRP: $189.95

These are pictures I took from the Airborne Arms website. Mine turned out horrible.

PS. Anyone interested in a used Hiperfire 24E? I dont think I will need it anymore.

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