After a discussion with some other builders, several of us came to the conclusion that the generally accepted practice of banging roll pins in with a brass hammer was silly, and unnecessary.

So, I made this video to show my no-hammer method of installing roll pins.

Two Rifles - less than $1000

When you say "budget build" - many shooters cringe. The thought of so many cheap gun parts coexisting together can only mean disaster. Sometimes, inexpensive isn't a dirty word when building a rifle. If you have the time to spend searching for the right deal on the right part - you can make magic happen.

This is why builders have malfunctions

Experienced AR builders know that there may be a few ways to achieve a particular task when building a rifle. We have our preferred methods, rituals, and we're all entitled to our reasons for our methods.

Because this is a site dedicated to building AR-15s, I feel it is important that we encourage diversity of method when building rifles, because that is how we learn. I also feel it is important to identify bad practices, and warn the inexperienced to avoid them