So, I just finished watching Real Sports episode 230 (original air date 5/24/2016) and I must say - this is the biggest load of crap I've ever seen. I'm fairly sure that they never said AR-15 without also using the word "assault". It was unbelievably negative.

The segment was about a half hour long and begins by explaining how these are "weapons of war" and "weapons of mass carnage", even demonizing anyone who hunts with them. Their experts are all anti-gun, they parade mass shooting victim family members in front of the camera going so far as to follow one to the cemetery.

From the episode synopsis:

REAL SPORTS correspondent David Scott investigates how gun companies have turned a combat rifle into what they call the "modern sporting rifle," spending millions of dollars on lobbying and marketing to penetrate the consumer market. In promoting the acceptance of a unique combat weapon in civilian society, these companies have created a cash cow, but the true cost may be counted in human lives.