One exciting prospect of the upcoming Trump presidency is that now the Hearing Protection Act may make suppressors/silencers available to a wider range of gun owners without additional taxes and forms.

10/22/2015, Representative Matt Salmon of Arizona introduced the Hearing Protection Act. In this refreshingly short bill, the $200 transfer tax on silencers is eliminated. The device becomes regulated as any firearm - background checks for purchase become all that is required to own one.

Certainly, the reduced regulations would cause prices to drop. An additional affect, would be to legitimize the myriad of "solvent trap" manufacturers and purchasers who walk the razors edge of the law. Econo-Can (the oil filter suppressor adapter) will probably see a lot more competition than they have now (a myrad of adapters for using oil filters as "solvent traps"). The industry will certainly change - and gun owners will be the winners.

Spend some time to read and follow the bill. Contact your representatives and let's hope the legislation becomes law.