It's been a long night... Spending some quality time re-configuring the server for maximum performance. In a previous life, its job was streaming videos, but that's tapering off. It hasn't had to do any real work, so I never configured it for anything complex.

Before the modifications - page loads were around 0.4 to 2 seconds. Now that I'm done modifying, I haven't seen a page load time greater than 0.04 seconds - faster by a factor of 10. Not bad.

Here's a picture of a young hottie in a bikini.

Sorry for cluttering the place with all of these tests - but if I don't test it, I can't be confident that it'll work as planned. So suck it up and let me do my thing ;)

First, I need to determine if the image transfer within a FB share works correctly when I insert an image into an article. Yeah, that probably doesn't mean anything to you - but this isn't for you, is it!


Those look delicious.

It's been a lot of little tweaks here and there. I plan on keeping things moving with incremental improvements. Hopefully I can find some inspiration for the styling because other than the Batman ad, the page looks pretty bland.

I'm thinking that some sort of USA / Red-White-Blue theme is in order. I've got plenty of room for improvement and I'm open to suggestions. Any graphic designers feeling like throwing me a bone? My experience is in data operations - styling has never been my strong suit.

Anyway, enjoy and tell your friends..and tell your friends to tell their friends (but not you, because you can't sign up twice).

I put this on one of my unused servers thinking it could handle it - but I was wrong. It's super late and I'll surely screw it up if I try to transfer it now, but tomorrow morning I'll begin the process of migrating the site to a dedicated server and bringing the forum back online. In the mean time, enjoy the funny banners I created as placeholders.