Gun Safety Joke Rules


As funny as these 10 (fake) rules might be - gun safety is a very important topic here at Many times, while browsing gun forums such as this one, you will see posts erupt into a chorus of irate members because of a stray finger too close to a trigger. There is good reason. Continue reading to see the REAL 4 gun safety rules.

Picture - courtesy of our friends at Gun Hack

I found the reason we couldn't attach images, and it has been eliminated. At the same time, we're rid of the in-article ads. Those bugged me, and they have never generated a dime of revenue.

I had to dig through the code to find it - but I've fixed the Facebook share code to include the image of the lead article (or of the article you're viewing) instead of the AR bolt face. This has been a splinter in my eye for weeks, but I didn't have the time to look it up. So - I feel better now. Hopefully, these little updates will help our traffic through better looking shares.

One thing must change though - image sizes are going to increase - so I'll be re-configuring the homepage layout to only 2 items wide (from the current 3). I'll leave the same number of articles - it'll just be taller.

The next time I spend on the site will be to remedy the title of the Facebook shares - which now reflect the name of the category instead of the name of the article.... small steps.

Update 12:55 AM - I found it - title fixed too.